How to Play The Drinking Game Dice

Published on July 25, 2007


Two Dice


  1. Each player takes turns rolling two dice.
  2. If you role a 3 or a 8 you get to give 2 drinks to whoever you chose,
  3. if it is any other number you can either take one drink or chance the role.
  4. If you chose to chance it and still don't get a 3 or 8 then you take drinks to equal the amount of the dice.
  5. If you get a three on the chance then you can give away six drinks,
  6. if you get an eight on the chance you can give away 16 drinks.
  7. Double 1's or double 6's on either throw is a social everyone drinks
  8. if you role a social you forfeit any further throw until the next time you get the dice.

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