How to Play The Drinking Game Tree Men

Published on July 25, 2007


2 dice  
Participants (the best 4 and more)


First you go around, roll one die and the first person to get a 3 is 3 men. The person after 3 men starts:

  • Two ones: snake eyes (you get to make a rule)
  • Three: 3 men drinks
  • Two and one: 3 men drinks two
  • Equal to six: touch your nose, last person that does has to drink one
  • Equal to seven: person behinds you drinks one
  • Equal to nine: person ahead drinks one
  • Equal to ten: sociable, everybody cheers then drinks one but if you cheers with 3 man, you drink twice.
  • Doubles: either split dice and give to two people. both roll dice, you make a rule on whether; drink total, drink what the other person rolls, highest number drinks total, etc. you choose. If they roll the same number again, they roll again and drink double, happens again, triple and more or you can give both dice to same person, same rules apply. Also ones you pass out.

When 3 man rolls a three: he gives up three men to whom ever he'd wish to and then the person after new 3 man rolls next.

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