Monopoly Strategies for Winning

Published on July 25, 2007

Monopoly is a true-blue American game that is played by millions around the world. The object is to outwit, outplay, and monopolize all the properties on the board until all of your opponents go bankrupt. Although it is debated on whether it is a strategy match or a game of chance, there are tips in increasing your chances in winning your game of Monopoly.

Know the odds – There are probabilities that are important to this game. For instance, players are most likely to take five turns in order to make a complete lap around the board, and you’re likely to roll a double from your dice (like 5 and 5, 6 and 6) at least once in every lap.

Location matters – Do not just buy any property that you land on. You have to take into consideration how often your opponents would land on that space. The violet properties (Mediterranean and Baltic), yellow properties (Atlantic, Marvin Gardens, and Ventnor), green spaces (Pennsylvania, Pacific, North Carolina), and even the most expensive blue squares (Park Square and Boardwalk) are rarely visited; while red (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky) properties are the ones you should monopolize.

Go for orange – Of all the properties on the board, the orange (Tennessee, St. James Place, and New York) properties are the most recommended monopolizing because of its proximity to Jail. A roll of either 6 or 8 (the most common dice rolls) lands your opponent to an orange square.

Break the opponents’ chances – You still need to buy at least one property from the blue, yellow, and green properties to keep your opponents from making a monopoly. Remember that these lots can cost you a lot of money if your opponents build houses on it.

Railroads are better than utilities – The payout for owning one of these four special properties is bigger than owning both utilities, unless if you have the opportunity to own both. Take note that Short Line is the least useful railroad to own, since it is the least visited.

The Jail is your friend – This is true especially as the game progresses, it becomes more dangerous when all of the properties are owned. Stay as long as possible when you land there. However, avoid landing in Jail early in the game (pay $50 if you have to) since you are racing against other players in buying and owning properties.

Three houses are a company – Buying three houses (no more, no less) in properties you have monopolized yields the best payoff. For example, the rent on Indiana Avenue rises dramatically from $250 with two houses to a whopping $700 on three houses.

Four houses are not a crowd – If you get yourself stuck with the violet and light blue properties (Vermont, Oriental, and Connecticut), build four houses quickly to create building shortage. Never build hotels especially if the return of houses to the bank would create an opportunity to build houses on an expensive color group.

Mortgaging could restrict you – Remember that if you own two or more properties within the same color and you mortgaged even one of them, you cannot build houses on any of your remaining properties.

Keep a reserve – You do not have to spend all of your money to buy property. You also have to pay rent and other fees.

Use the rules to your advantage – There are some rules that players tend to forget because it is not practiced much, but you can still use them. For example, do not pay rent right after landing on an owned property. If two people roll the dice and no one noticed, the rent is waived.

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