Wine Basics

  • How to Buy The Right Wine
    Buying the right bottle of wine for your taste can be difficult. View our tips and strategies for buying the right bottle of wine for you.

  • Cooking Food with Wine
    Cooking food with wine or to eat with wine can be difficult if you do not know the basics. View article with great information and tips for cooking food and wine.

  • How to Properly Store Wine
    Knowing how to properly store wine is an important part of preserving wine quality. View article with information and tips on proper wine storage including humidity, temperature, and much more.

  • Learn to Cook with Wine
    When cooking with wine the most important thing is deciding what kind of wine to use. View article with information on cooking with wine including types of wines that are good to cook with.

  • How to Buy Wine
    Buying wine can be difficult because there are so many choices of wine to choose from. View article with information and tips on how to buy wine to ease the stress when buying a bottle of wine.

  • How to Serve Wine
    Serving wine depends on what type of wine was ordered, whether it was red or white. In opening the bottle, hold it by the neck. The server should always be aware that the label is in front, thus the hand is the one twisting in order to open the bottle.

  • Letting Wine Breathe
    Perforate, aerate, breathe. They all mean the same thing and they are all referring to wines. Letting wine breathe is simply letting your wine be exposed to the surrounding air.

  • Choosing the Right Wine
    Choosing the right wine in a wine shop can become a challenge for most people. Entering a wine shop without knowing what to look for beforehand can truly be a disaster for someone without a bit of knowledge about wines.

  • How to Decant Wine
    Decanting wine seems to be a practice that is reserved to the most serious of wine enthusiasts. Decanting is the process of removing the sediments left in a wine and letting it breathe properly.

  • Choosing the Right Wine Glass
    Your guide to choosing the right wine glass. This helpful article teaches you how to choose good wineglasses accoding to shape.

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