How to Properly Store Wine

Published on July 25, 2007

When storing wines, there are certain factors to consider in order ascertaining in order to make sure that the wines are properly stored in the most ideal conditions possible. This would also depend on the length of time that you may want to have the wines stored before being used. Every wine collector knows that different types of wines may require different storage requirements. For one, not all types of wines get better with age. There are some wines that are better consumed while young and there are some wines that become better with age.

An important tip for the avid wine collector is to make sure to know which of the wines might require short term and long term storage. This will make sure that each wine in the collection required the needed storage conditions that are ideal and suitable for each type. It is better to divide the wine collection into those that require less than six months of storage and those that require a much longer time than that.

Although it would be ideal for the wine collector to duplicate the conditions required in storing wines in the long term, certain situations may not be able to accommodate such desires. Satisfactory practices might be enough to have your short term wines stored in the most suitable way. One thing that each collector should bear in mind is to have the cork stay moist all the time. This will help prevent the cork stopper of the wine bottle from drying up and eventually lose its airtight properties and might allow the oxygen to react with the wine and eventually spoil it.

Another tip for storing your wine, even for the short term, is to provide it with the lowest stable temperature possible and avoid sudden temperature changes. This might not be ideal for storing wines of any type for that matter. Find also a suitable location for your wines that are free from vibration as well as in an ideal location where there are no items that emit a strong odor that might have a substantial effect on the quality of the wine as it is being stored.

Avoid trying to put your wine rack especially on top of the refrigerator as most people are bound to do. Even the top of the refrigerator can become hot and might be too close to the light. On top of that, the vibration caused by the refrigerator compressor would not be ideal if you wish to store the wines for months.

For long term wine storage, the most ideal conditions is strictly required in order to make sure that the wines stay as long as you wish them. This will allow the wines to age and develop properly with time and not lose its quality or taste. Long term storage of wines requires a place that has a constant low and stable temperature. A dependable cooling system might be required to ensure that the temperature remains stable and can be maintained for long periods of time.

A location with high humidity is also an important factor for fine wines to age and develop well. Temperatures at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 70 percent or higher are most ideal for long term storage of the wines. Also important is that such locations should be dark and free of vibration since light as well as subtle movements may affect the ageing process and development of the wines.

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